Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Notice

Date last modified: December 11, 2019

LightPath Technologies and its subsidiaries are committed with the greatest care and confidentiality to protect the personal data entrusted to them. This notice sets forth, how we provide collection, summary, storage, destruction or sharing of any kind of personal data, in accordance with the normative regulation of the relevant country, state or any other administrative unit and in compliance with rights and freedoms of persons. All personal data are collected only when consent to their collection is provided and/or with a purpose to facilitate fulfillment of the agreement between the company and other legal subjects.

From where do we collect personal data?

LightPath Technologies and its subsidiaries collect personal data only and solely if consent of the person, who transfers the relevant personal data, is received and such personal data are acquired from the following sources:

  • Websites, including &;
  • Sellers, with whom agreements are concluded, who provide such registration information as recommendations in the paper form, conference registration information, professional carrier search results, applications for grants;
  • Your correspondence with us by using mail, e-mail, fax or phone.

What personal data do we collect?

  • Customer and seller information, such as name, e-mail, company address and phone number;
  • Technical data, including IP address, approximate location, cookies, browser information as well as other information of technical nature.
    • Cookies are placed everywhere on our website, including on websites specified below and/or are used in the following applications, being related to our website:
      • On the application form page – WPForms
      • Contact page – Salesforce
      • Investors page – Issuer Direct
      • Request estimate page – Salesforce
      • Subscribe page – iContact
      • Google Analytics
      • Lead Liaison
      • Survey Monkey

How do we use personal data?

  • Process and deliver products that you have ordered;
  • Store information in our internal ERP system;
  • Send e-mail notifications for the receipt of which you have agreed, or information trade updates for the receipt of which you have applied;
  • Improve online use by using technical data.


Your personal data protection rights

If you have any questions about the information that LightPath Technologies or its subsidiaries store, or you want to use particular data protection rights, please, call us toll free at 833-455-0251 or email, in order to receive more detailed information.

Changes in the Privacy Notice

LightPath Technologies and its subsidiaries reserve the right to modify, add or delete the information included in this Privacy Notice at any time. In case if any changes are made to the content of the Privacy Notice, LightPath Technologies and its subsidiaries shall provide a notification regarding the changes made via e-mail or shall post it on their website. The date, when the last information update is made, is always specified in the top of this Privacy Notice.