Diamond Turning Machine Operator

ISP Optics

With the data analysis software, based on the technical documentation, draw up a CNC program. To manufacture products by working with CNC machinery. With high precision instruments, check and ensure product compliance.

Main tasks:

  • Read and understand production documentation, drawings, tables and study sample details to determine which processing operations needs to be performed and plan for their proper, sequential execution.
  • Install, maintain and understand the numerical control of machinery, ensure their operation.
  • Using a data processing and analysis software, to compile, edit, and verify a numerical control program (CNC) for each particular type of product
  • Install various types of machine tools to perform precise and non-uniform operations as defined by the corresponding numerical control programs
  • Perform an inspection of the manufactured products with precise instruments such as a prophylometer and an interferometer and visually to ensure the conformity of the product with the given specification.
  • Move and clean the optical components without damaging their surface.
  • Maintain the measuring instruments in order and calibrate them as necessary in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • In case of non-compliance, immediately inform the head of the structural unit.
  • Fill in the required documentation.
  • Participate in the introduction of new technological processes, the development of new products, the development of new production facilities and quality management system improvements.
  • Decide and act independently within the limits of your competence.
  • Informing the direct manager about the essential processes that are taking place in the post of executive director.
  • Participate in the training of new employees.
  • Maintain the work in the order and carry out the cleaning work in accordance with the procedure.
  • Observe the requirements of occupational safety, safety, work hygiene and other binding regulations. Take care of the workplace and workplace arrangements. Observe the order of proper use of technique, software and other equipment.
  • Take care about the employer’s property, take care of the loss prevention.
  • Take care of raising your professional qualifications.
  • Co-operate with other employees of the company within the scope of their competence.
  • Analyze the achieved results and make suggestions for improving the efficiency and quality of work in the company.
  • Observe the order of proper use of technique, software and other equipment.
  • Take care of the company’s prestige, respect the employer’s corporate style and traditions, both at work and outside.
  • Carry out other tasks related to duties and received from a direct manager.

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