ISP Optics is ready and capable to handle your most demanding IR and visible lens applications from prototype to high volume production. In order to support our customers, we have increased our production capacity and capabilities by utilizing the most modern single point diamond turning machines available in our temperature controlled, ISO-9001 certified facilities. 

Shapes we produce include rotationally symmetric spheres, aspheres and diffractive lenses with diameters from 3mm to 300mm and off-axis parabolas with up to 550mm of swing. Additionally, we offer freeform machining capabilities to manufacture non-rotationally symmetric surfaces. Our dedicated teams in diamond turning has extensive experience in optics manufacturing and precision machining so we are ready for your biggest challenges.


  • 10 Moore Nanotech and Precitech single point diamond turning lathes
  • 3-axis freeform machining capability up to 6” in diameter
  • On-axis lenses and mirrors up to 250 mm in diameter
  • Up to 550mm swing capacity for off-axis aspheres

  • Surface irregularities as low as ½ fringe P-V
  • Surface roughness on most materials under 20 Angstroms RMS
  • Dimensional and mechanical tolerances as low as +/-0.002mm are available

Diamond Turning Diffractive Germanium Lens

Diamond turning large diameter germanium diffractive lens. This lens was approximately 11 inches in diameter and 1 inch thick.