SPIE Optifab – Fundamentals of Molded Optics

Instructors: Alan Symmons, LightPath Technologies, Inc. (United States); Michael Schaub, Facebook Technologies, LLC (United States)

This course provides attendees with an overview of the numerous optical molding technologies with an emphasis on the fundamentals of the more dominant fields of injection molded plastic optics and precision glass molding. A review of glass molding, plastic molding and hybrid molding processes will be included. The attendee will gain an understanding of how and when molded optics can be effectively used in products and how to select the correct manufacturing method. Course topics include description of the manufacturing processes, tool design features, materials properties, design methods unique to molded optical elements, manufacturing tolerances, coatings, test methods, and examples of applications that use optical elements.
Learning Outcomes
  • Explore the advantages and limitations of molded optics
  • Identify the appropriate material and manufacturing method for a product
  • Design manufacturable optical systems using molded components
  • Avoid design problems that are unique to molded optics
  • Minimize the production cost and maximize the performance of your products

Register for the course at:

Rochester Riverside Convention Center

Rochester, New York

October 15th, 2019

1:30 PM – 5:30 PM