From LightPath Technologies CEO, Jim Gaynor:

Dear Valued Customer,

Great news for you!  We are pleased to announce that LightPath has completed the agreement to acquire ISP Optics Corporation (“ISP”).

This acquisition expands the scope of both companies, adds geographic diversity, expanded capabilities and scale which allows us to grow while continuing to offer premier precision molded optics in the visible and Infrared spectrum and focus on providing all our customers with the best photonics solutions available.

Headquartered in Orlando, Florida and with major manufacturing operations in China, LightPath is a recognized leader in optics and photonics solutions, serving blue chip customers in the industrial, defense, telecommunications, testing and measurement, and medical industries, for over 30 years.

Acquisition Highlights 

  •  Generates significant synergies through cross-selling of products, expanded product offerings, greater production and assembly capabilities as well as material processing capabilities.
  • Combines two fast-growing high technology optical product pioneers to establish a premier, global, leading-edge industrial technology company.
  • Combines LightPath’s high-volume molding technology with ISP’s high-value diamond turning, coatings and polishing capabilities to create a paramount solutions provider.
  • The ISP business broadens LightPath’s global customer base significantly with nominal overlap.
  • Expands LightPath’s market reach to include major operations in Asia, North America and now Europe with ISP’s Latvian operation.

ISP will be a wholly-owned subsidiary of LightPath.

About LightPath Technologies

LightPath Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: LPTH) provides optics and photonics solutions for the industrial, defense, telecommunications, testing and measurement, and medical industries.  LightPath designs, manufactures, and distributes optical and infrared components including molded glass aspheric lenses and assemblies, infrared lenses and thermal imaging assemblies, fused fiber collimators, and gradient index GRADIUM® lenses.  LightPath also offers custom optical assemblies, including full engineering design support.  For more information, visit

We look forward to partnering with you on your next optical project.  Thank you for your continued patronage.

Did you know that ISP Optics has been diamond turning lenses and mirrors since 2001? Over the last decade and a half we have fabricated many thousands of sphere’s, asphere’s, diffractives and mirrors for our satisfied customers.

Over the past 12 months, due to high demand, we have made major expansions in our diamond turning department by nearly doubling our capacity with the addition of three new diamond turning machines. Our diamond turning department now consists of eight diamond turning machines from both Moore Nanotechnology and Precitech. This makes ISP Optics one of the most diverse and agile DT operations in the world and allows for us to provide fast, high quality solutions for our customers. ISP Optics also has state of the art metrology equipment from Zygo and Taylor Hobson all within our temperature controlled facility. Our skilled team of diamond turning engineers and technicians has over 100 years of combined experience which gives us the ability to meet the most challenging customer requirements and specifications.

When it comes to the diversity of infrared materials and the scale of production orders, from prototyping to high volume, ISP Optics has one of the most versatile operations in the photonics industry. Our unique diamond turning capability extends to nearly every material that transmits in the infrared, including standard IR materials like silicon, germanium and zinc selenide. ISP Optics also works with not so common materials like chalcogenide glasses such as IG6 or Amtir. Even various plastics like PMMA or Zeonex are diamond turned at ISP. KRS-5 and CdTe aspheres are manufactured using specially developed processes and techniques along with dedicated safety equipment. ISP Optics also works with non-ferrous metals such as nickel plated substrates, aluminum and copper parts to make high quality mirror surfaces.

ISP Optics diamond turned components can be found in such applications as UAV gimbals, commercial and military thermal imaging devices, handheld FTIR cameras, IR telescopes and other cutting edge projects including an intraocular contact lens to help treat age related macular degeneration.

If you have any questions about our diamond turning capabilities or if you have any aspheric or diffractive surfaces you like us to diamond turn, please call as at 914-591-3070 or email us at